Koreshan Fruit Bowl
5 July 2019

4 archival inkjet prints, 12″ x 16″ each – 2018

Koreshan Fruit Bowl is a collection of four 3D modeled fruit that have each been digitally bisected to highlight the reverberant qualities of their hollowed interiors. The work responds to a theory purported by a nineteenth century utopian community based in Florida (the Koreshan Unity) that believed the Earth to be a concave sphere that humanity existed upon the inner shell of.
The depicted fruit originates from a historic reconstruction at Koreshan State Park (Estero, FL) in which a bowl containing plastic facsimiles of each variety was placed (see photo below). Koreshan Fruit Bowl (and additional works currently in production) extends the idea of a hollow Earth by considering the conceptual possibilities offered within the spaces of hypothetical interiors.

clockwise from top left :
“KFB – Hollow Carambola”
“KFB – Hollow Apple”
“KFB – Hollow Mango”
“KFB – Hollow Orange”

“KFB – Facsimiles”, digital photograph – 2018

“KFB – Solid Space”, translucent 3D prints in custom OSB container – 2018