Position Normal
5 July 2019

audio, portable cassette player, looping cassette tape, headphones – 2018

Position Normal is a synthesized composition continually performed via looping cassette tape.
The original source material for the work came from an elementary school art project completed in the mid-nineties (a drawing of a dinosaur made from beans strategically glued to poster board). Meant to accompany the physical work, a portable cassette stereo was used at the time to make field recordings of perceived prehistoric ephemera to be simultaneously experienced while viewing the image.
Amongst the archived sounds found on the original tape were the artist’s naive attempts at playing a flute. “Position Normal” was formed by isolating these sections of the recording and converting them into MIDI data. This data was then output to an analog synthesizer and recorded directly to a looping cassette tape. The resulting recording serves as the collaborative effort of one individual separated by two decades of time.