Whole Earth Echo
24 October 2019

“Triple Echo (Echo, UT)”, digital photograph – 2019

Whole Earth Echo encompasses a series of works that continue to explore the belief in a hollow Earth as theorized by a nineteenth century utopian community based in Florida. In the spirit of misguided scientific practice (or sincere magical thought), Whole Earth Echo considers the reverberant qualities of a sealed sphere’s immaterial center, positing that a sound made from one location within a hollow Earth would take approximately 74.3 seconds to return to its point of origin after reflecting off its antipode within the planet’s interior shell.

audio, DIY stereo amplifier in custom plywood enclosure (1:00 excerpt of 30:00 composition) – 2019

Faux Field Recording is an ambient soundscape made in collaboration with a carambola tree located in Melbourne, Florida. Utilizing a MIDI biodata sonification device, musical data was collected from the tree and used within Ableton Live to activate synthesized samples of cicada species native to the American South. In addition to the sound of falling starfruit making contact with the ground, all sources of audio within Faux Field Recording have been processed through a delay effect (created in Max 4 Live) that mimics the hypothetical echo time of 74.3 seconds within our hollow planet.

animated GIF – 2019

Vernacular Earth visually diagrams the Whole Earth Echo effect as demonstrated in Faux Field Recording through the appropriation and reauthoring of a Web 1.0-era animated GIF.